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Who needs a Game Plan?

Business Owners

People start businesses for a variety of reasons that range from not wanting to work for someone else through to allowing them to control their own destiny.

Whatever the reason, the end result is the desire to fund a lifestyle while in business and afterwards, when it is time for a change of pace. An NZFP Business Owner's Game Plan allows you to focus on building personal financial wealth and creating greater financial independence.

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Tradition in the past saw farms getting passed from one generation to the next for nominal value. However in the recent years this hasn't been the case for a number of reasons.

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Over the past couple of decades the use of trusts as a method of protecting personal, business, and charitable wealth has gained popularity. This has also led to a re-think about how the New Zealand legal system handles these trusts and in particular the rules and regulations around the formation of trusts and the responsibilities of the trustees.

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Health Professional

Whether you are a junior doctor, a registrar, a specialist or own your own practice New Zealand Financial Planning is able to help you achieve your goals and objectives. With several advisers having developed knowledge about the medical industry we are able to work with you to develop an NZFP Game Plan tailored specifically to your needs.

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Salaried or Waged Employees

Many New Zealanders that seek our advice are salaried employees paying tax as they earn (PAYE). They work in a variety of industries from farming through to professional practices. They are people that have recognised that they want to take a more planned and structured approach to saving for retirement or recognise that they require help around finding the most appropriate financial solutions.

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Retired/Semi-retired People

You've worked hard all your life and now it is time to enjoy the benefits of those years of toil. Our experience shows that people typically require Game Plans at two stages during retirement.

The first area is what we have termed 'transition' and is the period stretching form some 12 to 24 months before retirement to shortly after. There are some fundamental mechanics from receiving a regular income to living off your savings that needs to be covered. The other area is sometime during retirement, normally when you may decide to slow down a little, where there is a need to determine that you are still able to do the things you want to do.

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Young Professional

You have now started a career and enjoying having a decent income and some luxuries after years living as a student. As a result of your higher income you may also be able to start saving money and having a healthy bank balance.

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Middle or Senior Management

As a middle or senior manager you are probably achieving a good income for yourself and your family. Depending on the company you work for, you may be on a superannuation scheme or you may be responsible for saving towards your retirement yourself, either way, having a game plan helps focus on what you need to do to achieve your goals.

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The NZFP Game Plan

Since New Zealand Financial Planning (NZFP) was formed some 25 years ago we have been able to help many New Zealanders create financial independence and manage their wealth, giving them the freedom to enjoy life. We achieve this through an NZFP Game Plan.

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