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The NZFP Investment Plan for Trusts

Over the past few decades the use of trusts as a method of protecting personal, business, and charitable wealth has gained in popularity. In addition, more and more settlors are electing to have independent or professional trustees appointed in order to provide a more robust trust structure.

New Zealand Financial Planning (NZFP) acknowledges that most professional trustees understand their obligations and the prudent conduct they must demonstrate to the trust and its beneficiaries. Our experience has also shown that some are looking for an effective and efficient way to demonstrate a robust, prudent and defensible policy, as well as a transparent process when dealing with the investment decisions of the trust. As a result of this and with the 20 years' experience we have in working with trusts, we offer a service called NZFP Investment Plan for Trusts.

About The NZFP Investment Plan for Trusts

What is it?

The NZFP Investment Plan for Trusts is designed to sit alongside the Trust Deed, providing a detailed analysis, statement of investment policy and plan for the investment of trust capital. It assists trustees in terms of planning, supervising, monitoring, and evaluating the management of the investment portfolio, clearly demonstrating the investment policy and process required of a professional trustee.

What is the process?

After meeting with you and ideally the other trustees, we proceed through an information-gathering phase that allows us to construct a well thought out and carefully designed NZFP Investment Plan for your unique Trust.

What information is required for this?

We gain insight from a number of areas that contribute in the development of the NZFP Investment Plan for Trusts. They include but are not limited to: the specific requirements of the Trust Deed, Trustees Act, goals and objectives of the trust, a risk profile analysis of the trustees, what requirements the trust has for distribution of income and/or capital, beneficiary interests, and likely time frames.

How does the Investment Policy fit within the NZFP Investment Plan for Trusts?

The Investment Policy forms a section of the Plan and provides the Trust and trustees with the guidelines and strategies for investments.

How does the Investment Planning service fit in?

NZFP's Investment Planning service forms a major part of the investment policy. The service is able to take all the investment assets into account, ensure a balanced exposure of risk versus return as well as consider income and capital needs. The investment planning service is also able to make recommendations in accordance with the Trust Deed. A more detailed description of this service is on the last page of this document.

...Also, we can help you help the beneficiaries.

As we have been helping trusts and trustees over the years we have increasingly identified a need for beneficiaries to understand to some degree the goings on of the trust, their own personal financial circumstances, and how the two can interrelate. We are able to work with the trustees to provide the beneficiaries with an individual NZFP Game Plan thus providing a further benefit to all.

There are two significant benefits to you for providing beneficiaries with their own NZFP Game Plan.

  1. With the beneficiaries permission we will be able to share with the trustees key financial requirements that the beneficiaries have, including what expectations they have from the trust over the years ahead. This will enable trustees to plan ahead and better meet the beneficiaries' needs.
  2. Secondly, having completed an NZFP Investment Plan for Trusts for the trust we will have an idea on what the trust can or cannot provide the beneficiaries and help manage their expectations.

We believe this is a proactive way for trustees to add value to the beneficiaries and show a higher duty of care to them.

For more information of the types of NZFP Game Plans we offer please ask your Adviser for a copy of either The NZFP Primary Game Plans Overview or The NZFP Business Owners Game Plan Overview. You can download them from our website.

The Components of an NZFP Game Plan

In order to construct a well-rounded and well thought out Financial Game Plan we explore a variety of areas that influence your ability to achieve your goals and objectives and ultimately your financial independence.

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What types of Game Plans are available?

There are a number of Game Plans available to suit your life stage. Click on one of the examples below to see what they are about.

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