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What is an NZFP Game Plan?

The NZFP Game Plan is at the heart of what we do. Essentially, it looks at the four aspects of financial planning that impact on your ability to achieve your future lifestyle and enjoy life. By taking a carefully planned approach we are able to provide you with a pathway towards the lifestyle you desire.

The 4 key factors of an NZFP Game Plan


It is important that we understand your lifestyle now and what it is likely to be in the future. This is the basis of the NZFP Game Plan. When we know where you want to go then we can design a pathway for you.

Future Income

Like the majority of New Zealanders, your future income will most likely come from two sources - NZ Superannuation (what this looks like in the future is up for debate) and investment capital or assets that you have accumulated. By understanding your future lifestyle requirements we can calculate your expenditure needs and the investment assets required to fund these needs.


Having enough investment assets to fund your retirement is important, but just as important is the protection and potential for growth of these assets. We work with you to put in place structures, strategies and products that help look after the capital base while also targeting growth and income as needed, with a balance of risk and reward that suits your risk tolerance profile and investment expectations.

Current Income

Your income in general goes towards paying for your current lifestyle, paying off some debt or saving for a rainy day. We work with you to understand your current lifestyle and what you may need for the future, so we can help you make efficient use of your income.

The Components of an NZFP Game Plan

In order to construct a well-rounded and well thought out Financial Game Plan we explore a variety of areas that influence your ability to achieve your goals and objectives and ultimately your financial independence.

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What types of Game Plans are available?

There are a number of Game Plans available to suit your life stage. Click on one of the examples below to see what they are about.

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:: Becoming Financially Independent
:: Self-Sufficiency in Retirement
:: Business Owners Game Plan
:: Investment Plan for Trusts

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