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Self-Sufficiency in Retirement

As a country, we are developing new attitudes towards retirement with many choosing to continue to work but with reduced hours and the expectation of a continued standard of living without too much fuss. Whatever your situation, you will at some point choose to slow down and the income from wages or a salary will not be available to cover all of your lifestyle expenses. The key is having a clear plan to take the investment capital you have accumulated and turn it into a regular stream of funds to pay for your lifestyle.

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Game Plan Emphasis

While we explore every component in the delivery of a Game Plan our experience has shown that the components highlighted here are areas where we place emphasis at this stage.

Some Other Issues

A NZFP Financial Game Plan also solves some other key issues for people at this stage in life. They include:

  1. Whether you have enough money to fund your chosen lifestyle.
  2. The mechanics of shifting from a regular income to using your investment capital.
  3. What options you have in retirement to do the things that you want to.

NZFP is able to help clarify these through a clear Self-Sufficiency in Retirement Game Plan and with a regular review process, ensure you keep on track to achieving your goals for financial self-sufficiency.

The NZFP Game Plan

Since New Zealand Financial Planning (NZFP) was formed some 25 years ago we have been able to help many New Zealanders create financial independence and manage their wealth, giving them the freedom to enjoy life. We achieve this through an NZFP Game Plan.

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What types of Game Plans are available?

There are a number of Game Plans available to suit your life stage. Click on one of the examples below to see what they are about.

:: Getting Yourself Set Up
:: Becoming Financially Independent
:: Self-Sufficiency in Retirement
:: Business Owners Game Plan
:: Investment Plan for Trusts

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