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The NZFP Process.

Having an NZFP Game Plan is one thing. Making sure that it works for you now and in the future is something else. In order to achieve this we have applied a consistent approach we like to call 'The NZFP Way.'

The NZFP Way Steps

1. Initial Meeting

When you meet with an NZFP adviser for the first time it is about getting to know you, what is important to you, your vision, goals and objectives for the future, and where you are now. If we believe that we can provide value to you and help you on your journey then we will talk through various options that are available to you.

2. Information Gathering

After our initial meeting and with agreement to progress forward, we prepare an NZFP Game Plan by gathering all the information that we will require.

3. Plan Preparation

Once we have all the information that we need we progress forward with our team and develop your Game Plan that will help you achieve your goals and objectives

4. Plan Presentation

This is often the most revealing time for our clients as they are presented the plan that gives them a pathway to achieving their goals and objectives. Our advisers will walk through the plan with you, explain things in plain English, and take the time to clarify anything that you are not completely sure about.

5. Plan Implementation

Once we agree together on the pathway it is time to implement the Game Plan. When we present the plan we will identify who will need to carry out each task. Our advisers will work with you to ensure that everything is put in place.

6. Ongoing Review

Our advisers are committed to being with you on the journey towards your goals and objectives and will be there to help re-adjust strategies should things in your life and circumstances change. We offer a regular review of your position, which will enable us to adapt your game plan if needed. If at any point in time you feel you would like to instigate an interim review, your adviser is available to do so.

The NZFP Game Plan

Since New Zealand Financial Planning (NZFP) was formed some 25 years ago we have been able to help many New Zealanders create financial independence and manage their wealth, giving them the freedom to enjoy life. We achieve this through an NZFP Game Plan.

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