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Investment Planning

Investment Planning and the control of investment assets is a significant part of the service that New Zealand Financial Planning provides for you. It is for this reason that we continually develop our thinking behind our investment strategies and solutions to ensure they continue to meet your requirements.

About Investment Planning

Most portfolios have at least one investment asset, a number have many investment assets, which are usually intended to deliver income or a capital return to you. Those assets may be in a number of forms including cash, fixed term deposits, bonds, property investment, and company ownership (or shares). Do you know what is the ideal mix in order to provide you with the ability to achieve your goals and objectives?

New Zealand Financial Planning is able to look at this for you in order to help you structure a portfolio to achieve the long-term goals and objectives of your Game Plan.

Portfolio Strategies

Within the NZFP Investment Planning Service we have a variety of portfolio strategy options available. This can include anything from being 100% conservative through to being 100% aggressive in respect of risk and return. This gives us the scope to tailor solutions specifically to your needs. Furthermore NZFP is able to help review and evaluate these portfolios at any time and if necessary, advise you of alternative investment strategies.

NZFP Portfolios

As a means of controlling investment risk, we are strong advocates of the principles of broad diversification as well as quality and proactive research into the underlying assets, both in New Zealand and overseas markets. By balancing the investment portfolio in this way, we can help minimise risk and achieve an appropriate level of return for you.

Some more technical key points about investment planning

Risk Profiling

We have a responsibility to establish what level of risk you are prepared or need to accept when investing capital. Most people think of risk as the loss of capital only, but it's much more complex than that. Our process helps clients consider all aspects of risk including tolerance, need and capacity as well as returns expectations.

Tax Structure

As part of the NZFP Investment Planning Service we aim to develop tax effective portfolio strategies. Depending on the overall tax situation and the nature of your assets we will examine and advise on what investment structures are most suited or beneficial from a tax perspective.

The Components of an NZFP Game Plan

In order to construct a well-rounded and well thought out Financial Game Plan we explore a variety of areas that influence your ability to achieve your goals and objectives and ultimately your financial independence.

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What types of Game Plans are available?

There are a number of Game Plans available to suit your life stage. Click on one of the examples below to see what they are about.

:: Getting Yourself Set Up
:: Becoming Financially Independent
:: Self-Sufficiency in Retirement
:: Business Owners Game Plan
:: Investment Plan for Trusts

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