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Auckland Advisers

Mike Staal

Email: mike@akld.nzfp.co.nz
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Jordi Garcia

Email: jordi@akld.nzfp.co.nz
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Gavin Busch

Email: gavin@akld.nzfp.co.nz
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Wellington Advisers

Steve Lawton

Email: steve@wgtn.nzfp.co.nz
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Dennis Keall

Email: dennis@wgtn.nzfp.co.nz
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Callum Forbes

Email: callum@wgtn.nzfp.co.nz
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Lance Keall

Email: lance@wgtn.nzfp.co.nz
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Maree Gordon

Email: maree@wgtn.nzfp.co.nz
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Nicole Hoy

Email: nicole@wgtn.nzfp.co.nz
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Christchurch Advisers

David McBrearty

Email: davidm@chchnzfp.co.nz
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Mark Hubber

Email: mark@chchnzfp.co.nz
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David Solomon

Email: davids@chchnzfp.co.nz
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David Carter

Email: davidc@chchnzfp.co.nz
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Juliet Manning

Email: juliet@chchnzfp.co.nz
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Richard McCormick

Email: richard@chchnzfp.co.nz
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Andrew Doak

Email: andrewd@chchnzfp.co.nz
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Dunedin Advisers

Neville Caird

Email: neville@dnnzfp.co.nz
More About Neville

Karen Lane

Email: karen.lane@nzfp.co.nz
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The NZFP Game Plan

Since New Zealand Financial Planning (NZFP) was formed some 25 years ago we have been able to help many New Zealanders create financial independence and manage their wealth, giving them the freedom to enjoy life. We achieve this through an NZFP Game Plan.

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